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Factors that the Stock Exchange takes into consideration when assessing a listing applicant’s suitability for listing

This article will provide an insight as to the major issues which the Stock Exchange will consider when assessing a listing applicant’s suitability for listing.

26 Mar 2020 Bonnie Yung

Backdoor listing in Hong Kong

Backdoor listing refers to transactions and arrangements through which a private company goes public without undertaking the traditional route of listing.

13 Feb 2020 Bonnie Yung

An overview of the listing qualifications in Hong Kong

This article provides an overview of the general listing qualifications in HK and additional requirements for issuers with WVR or biotech companies.

29 Jan 2020 Bonnie Yung

Strategic investors and pre-IPO investment during pre-IPO preparation stage

Pre-IPO investments play an important role during pre-IPO preparation stage as they can provide capital to the company on its way to listing and/or to enhance the confidence of further institutional and public investors in investing in the company at listing.

10 Nov 2019 Jason Wang

An overview on private mergers and acquisitions in Hong Kong

This article provides some legal issues involved in a private M&A and considers the differences between a share purchase and asset purchase.

1 Apr 2020 Rossana Chu

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