Labour, Employment and Workforce Restructuring

Talent management is a very important aspect of any type of entity. At LC Lawyers LLP, our Hong Kong-based labour and employment lawyers aim to help our clients anticipate likely problems before they arise. We effectively manage the employment and labour law aspects of multi-jurisdictional corporate reorganisations and M&A by taking a firm but sensitive approach to handling issues before they become serious. 

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LC Lawyers’ talented team of labour and employment lawyers in Hong Kong help drive effective talent management strategies that involve workforce planning, skilful implementation and compliance with relevant employment laws and regulations. Our labour and employment lawyers are also well-positioned to help you navigate the intricate legal system in Hong Kong.

Employment law is ever-changing and becoming more complex

As a law firm based in Hong Kong that offers labour and employment law services, our lawyers provide legal services on a wide range of talent management aspects and employment-related matters, including:

  • Development of workforce planning and employment policies
  • Employment contracts and service agreements
  • Employee handbooks and codes of conduct
  • Benefits arrangements
  • Employee incentive plans, such as pre-IPO and IPO share option schemes, restricted share schemes, carried interests incentive plans, share appreciation schemes
  • Day-to-day workplace issues including safety and health
  • Discrimination and harassment issues
  • Employment aspects in mergers and acquisitions, transfers of businesses and workforce restructurings
  • Providing training on legal related matters in talent management
  • Termination of employment relationships in different situations, such as redundancy, misconduct, summary dismissal, and disagreement with employees
  • Restrictive covenants including non-competition and non-solicitation undertakings

Given today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, legal issues in talent management may arise from time to time that often require immediate and agile attention from experienced labour and employment lawyers in Hong Kong. Our law firm understands our clients’ operations and is well-equipped to provide legal services and practical solutions for all labour and employment matters in a timely manner.

Also, we work closely with EY professionals, including tax advisors, people advisory services professionals, internal control advisers, and technology professionals in order to provide integrated services and advice on cross-border employment matters.

Work with Hong Kong’s outstanding labour and employment lawyers

Hong Kong’s stable and highly effective common law system is fundamental to the city’s status as an international business and financial centre. However, its increasingly complex and ever-changing Employment Ordinance can often catch businesses off guard with unexpected legal disputes and inconveniences. To avoid this, employers must familiarise themselves with the city’s legal framework or work with professional labour and employment lawyers that have extensive knowledge of Hong Kong's employment legislation.

LC Lawyers’ experienced team of labour and employment lawyers in Hong Kong have a strong track record of helping businesses lay down and strengthen their legal groundwork for future employment and business relationships. From advising on benefit arrangements to implementing effective talent management strategies, our labour and employment lawyers always provide our clients with well-thought-out legal advice that is practical and bespoke to their business needs.

Consult our lawyers

Consult with LC Lawyers’ experienced team of labour and employment lawyers in Hong Kong and streamline your talent management. Whether you are an overseas business looking to expand into Hong Kong or a local business looking to streamline your talent management, our team of labour and employment lawyers is positioned to help you navigate through Hong Kong’s intricate legal procedures, prevent legal disputes, and protect your legal rights.

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