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Our latest thinking

A sign of things to come: Hong Kong competition enforcement developments and trends

In this publication, we present an overview of the Commission’s recent enforcement activities, highlight key developments pertaining to the Commission’s enforcement approach and practical tips for businesses in the future.

7 Jun 2021 Kareena Teh

Hong Kong employment law updates

Employment laws are constantly changing and becoming more complex. This article highlights updates that are relevant to Hong Kong employers.

4 Jun 2021 Rossana Chu

How can General Counsel turn barriers into building blocks?

In January 2021, EY published a report on a research titled "How do you turn barriers into building blocks?" which was drawn from interviews with more than 2,000 leaders from 17 industries and 22 countries across the globe.

2 Jun 2021 Rossana Chu

Open-ended Fund Companies Regime in Hong Kong

This article provides an overview on the OFC regime in Hong Kong and outlines recent regulatory enhancement that aims to amplify the regulatory environment for OFC.

26 May 2021 Cathy Chan

Virtual execution of documents in Hong Kong

Signing on papers becomes harder and parties would have to consider the alternative - virtual execution.

12 May 2021 Ricky Ho

Terminating an employee and relevant payments in Hong Kong

Employers should comply with their statutory and contractual obligations owed to their employees at all times.

4 May 2021 Rossana Chu

HKEX's New Amendments to the Listing of Debt Securities

On 21 August 2020, HKEx published a consultation conclusion on "Review of Chapter 37 - Debt Issues to Professional Investors Only".

21 Apr 2021 Ricky Ho

Hong Kong’s new regulatory regime for insurance-linked securities

Insurance-linked securities are up-and-coming alternative investment products which offer investors the potential for lucrative returns along with the benefit of portfolio diversification.

8 Apr 2021 Rossana Chu

Work from home arrangements and data security

In this article, we explore practical ways that organizations and employees may manage such risks.

26 Mar 2021 Rossana Chu

Pioneer users of Legal Managed Services

Recently, more corporations are looking to utilize technologies and novel service delivery models in their law departments.

16 Mar 2021 Rossana Chu

COVID-19 Vaccines and the Workplace

The Advisory Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines has considered that the benefits of authorizing the use of the COVID-19 vaccines for protecting against infection outweigh the risks under the current global epidemic situation.

16 Mar 2021 Rossana Chu

Employers’ and Employees’ obligations in respect of COVID-19 testing

The Hong Kong Government allowed certain businesses to provide services so long as they comply with additional measures including their staff undergoing regular COVID-19 testing every 14 days.

16 Mar 2021 Rossana Chu

Common issues in operating a Hong Kong charity

Given the heavy reliance of the public on such list of tax exempted charities, it is time to understand how the Inland Revenue Department identifies charities.

4 Mar 2021 Rossana Chu

How COVID-19 could be a game changer for entity compliance and governance

The pandemic has had a major impact on global reporting requirements, and businesses may reap the rewards if they chart the right way forward.

1 Mar 2021

Why should companies consider legal managed services?

A corporation may adopt legal managed services to facilitate its compliance functions across different jurisdictions.

19 Feb 2021 Rossana Chu

Entering the capital market by companies in the Greater Bay Area - Listing in Hong Kong or Mainland China

The Greater Bay Area companies may choose to list in the A-shares market in Mainland China or Hong Kong. Small and medium-sized enterprises may also choose to list on GEM in Hong Kong which has relatively lower requirements for listing.

26 Jan 2021 Bonnie Yung

Privatisation of Companies Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

Out of the 33 privatisation offers, only three were made through voluntary general offers.

25 Nov 2020 Rossana Chu

Realizing the benefits of legal managed services

EY Law published a new research report titled "Realizing the benefits of legal managed services". The report is based on a survey of 1,058 senior legal practitioners from businesses in 25 countries.

27 Aug 2020 Rossana Chu

Sino-US Friction – Risks and Precautions of USD Settlement by Chinese Enterprises in International Trade

Since the United States (“the US”) unilaterally initiated the “301” investigation against China in August 2017, the Sino-US bilateral economic and trade relations have undergone a major historical downturn.

3 Aug 2020

A Brief Discussion on the Returning to the Hong Kong Stock Market of the US-listed Chinese Companies

On May 20, the United States Senate unanimously passed the “Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act”, which not only requires issuers of certain securities to prove that they are not owned or controlled by a foreign government, but also grants US regulators the power to inspect listed companies, otherwise the trading of the securities of these companies in US securities markets would be banned.

10 Jul 2020 Jason Wang

COVID-19 pandemic: Outsourcing arrangements reinvented

The trading landscape for markets and firms has changed considerably over the last decade. Regulatory reforms, technology developments, increased connectivity between market participants, and increased levels of electronic trading and process automation have heightened the complexity of markets and increased focus on operational efficiency.

26 Jun 2020 Kareena Teh

Boosting up the construction of natural gas reserves capability in China

The National Development and Reform Commission of the PRC issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Natural Gas Reserves on 10 April 2020

25 May 2020

COVID-19 and its potential impact on LNG trading: force majeure

In recent years, driven by the impact of macroeconomic environment and environmental protection policies, China has gradually become one of the major natural gas importers.

8 May 2020

COVID-19 heightened corruption risks - A Hong Kong guide

This article summaries Hong Kong’s anti-corruption regime and some of the reported corruption enforcement actions in Q1 2020.

21 Apr 2020 Kareena Teh

COVID-19: Data protection risks and mitigation strategy

In this article, we set out our recommended approach to managing the additional COVID-19 data security risks.

10 Apr 2020 Kareena Teh

COVID-19: Five key steps to proactively manage risks and disputes

In this article, we set out our recommended approach to managing the additional COVID-19 data security risks.

9 Apr 2020 Kareena Teh

Corporate investigations in our interconnected world: The importance of proactive internal investigations and best practices in Greater China

In recent times, an increasing number of governments are enacting new laws and regulations, including whistle-blower laws.

13 Mar 2020 Kareena Teh

Recommendations to Hong Kong listed companies on disclosure of information and to directors on discharging their duties in light of the epidemic

In February 2020, HKEx issued FAQs in relation to Results Announcements in light of Travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

13 Mar 2020

COVID-19: Cybercriminals capitalize on global fears

As COVID-19 continues to spread, cybercriminals have used various tactics to exploit the widespread fear of infection and hunger for news

4 Mar 2020 Kareena Teh

COVID-19: Legal implications for Hong Kong listed companies and their officers

Regulators remind of the need to make accurate and timely disclosures of inside information

21 Feb 2020 Kareena Teh

Novel Coronavirus fallout: Implications for businesses and operations

The World Health Organization has recently declared a global health emergency over a novel coronavirus.

11 Feb 2020 Kareena Teh

Brexit viewpoint: signals and development

31 January 2020 marks the final step of the Brexit process. The UK will then enter a transition period until the end of 2020.

10 Feb 2020

New licensing regime for virtual asset trading platforms introduced on 6 November 2019

On 6 November 2019, SFC introduces the new regulatory framework and licensing regime for virtual asset trading platforms.

29 Jan 2020 Kareena Teh

How LMS may help your clients “do more with less”

In June 2019, EY announced the completion of the acquisition of the Pangea3 Legal Managed Services business from Thomson Reuters.

17 Dec 2019 Jason Wang

Brexit viewpoint: signals and developments - The Brexit election is on

The UK’s Article 50 period has been legally extended by the EU until 31 January 2020.

30 Oct 2019

Consultation conclusions on backdoor listing, continuing listing criteria and other rule amendments

The consultation conclusions were published in July 2019. The relevant amendments to the Listing Rules will take effect on 1 October 2019.

19 Aug 2019 Bonnie Yung

A summary of the law relating to termination of employment contracts in Hong Kong

This article provides a summary of the law relating to termination of employment contracts in Hong Kong.

10 Oct 2018 Jacky Chan

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