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Our dispute resolution team at LC Lawyers LLP represents our clients in cross-border complex disputes, including complex commercial litigation and international arbitrations cases, particularly those involving multiple jurisdictions.

Our team is best known for our flexible and robust strategies, our persuasive advocacy and our commercial and pragmatic approach to resolving disputes. We combine our knowledge of substantive law and civil procedural tools and use them to our clients' advantage. We have been involved in numerous applications and appeals to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal, the highest level of the Hong Kong court system, in areas where case law has provided little guidance, leading to rulings on a number of novel issues which have helped shape Hong Kong law, including:

  • whether there is jurisdiction to make, on an unfair prejudice petition, an order for payment of damages, compensation or restitution to the company itself;

  • competence issues involving a key witness and the admissibility of his evidence;

  • giving evidence by video link on access to justice grounds; and

  • the ability to use documents obtained under disclosure orders arising from a Mareva injunction in subsequent enforcement proceedings arising from an arbitral award.

Our team is led by Kareena Teh who is a solicitor advocate, with higher rights of audience which allows her to appear on civil actions at all levels of the Hong Kong court system. Formerly a barrister, she has substantial experience in appearing on civil actions and on criminal defence matters, which gives her a unique advantage in representing and advocating for clients in civil actions, including those involving fraud. She has successfully run appeals and applications before the Hong Kong High Court on novel issues and in arbitration.

Our team members have a deep understanding of business practices and regulatory systems, particularly in Hong Kong and Mainland China where we represent companies and executives in various industries. We have also read law in Hong Kong and the Mainland China, and trained and worked in international law firms for many years. We often call on our knowledge and experience in comparative Hong Kong and mainland China laws, regulations and business environments to develop and run impactful arguments for our clients, and deliver commercially sound and practical solutions in resolving disputes and pursuing or defending enforcement actions.